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Sandy Beach Yacht Club was founded in 1939 by eight intrepid sailors who decided that a location only five miles from the brink of Niagara Falls would be the perfect location for a boating club.

 Today, after more than seventy years of growth, Sandy Beach’s 100 plus members are the proud owners of a beautiful clubhouse and forty-eight boat slips and 14 jetski docks on Grand Island.  Founded on the ideal of being a "do-it-yourself" organization, we are proud that our members with little or no outside help have built our clubhouse and maintain most of our facilities.

We are an unpretentious, family-oriented club, devoted to better boating and sailing as well as enjoying life and the camaraderie of our fellow members.

 If you are interested in membership or knowing more about our club please e-mail us at or come over and join in our work party on any Tuesday night.


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